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This is not a drill, people.

JOME just release a new single, titled ‘Are We Okay Now?’, their first offering for 2018. I will need to listen a few times more to grasp the lyrical content, but sonically it is very lighthearted compared to the rest of what Tunnels had. Dare I say much more hopeful, and playful? 

I don’t really care as long as they keep serving me bops, I’ll be content. And this one going straight to this month playlist of mine for sure.

Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.


I never truly realized what MCU was before i watched The Winter Soldier. The Phase 1 of this franchise was something that happened in the background of my life, but i know it was something very popular.

ThorThor: The Dark World, Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk. What? Oh, no, those are not on my list, like, at all. I just want to throw them out of the way so I can make my list easier. I mean, they are not bad but I just don't really know what to do about them lol.

Ant-Man and Dr. Strange were a pretty solid origin story movies albeit a pretty generic one despite their visual was great. The stories itself were not particularly groundbreaking or bringing something new to the table. They were not just there but the sequels would have to one up their preceders.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I think I really like this movie upon my first watch experience in the movie because of, well, sounds effects, intense action and all that, but looking back now, it's a pretty alright movie with a dumb villain. It feels like an outright sequel to The Avengers disregarding any movies in between. Which is such a shame since there has been a lot of character development between the first one to this. I do like the introduction of the Maximoff twin and the party scene though lmao and super nay to Brutasha (except maybe in a fanfic on AO3 but please don't @ me on that).

Now let's move on to my top ten list of Marvel's Cinematic Universe move rank! Please do remember that this is my personal list where I can and will be bias as heck.

I put Iron Man on #10 out of respect for being the one who started it all, a truly enjoyable superhero movie (despite my unreasonable not-liking-ness of Tony Stark)and overall a great movie with a great cast and acting. Personally not my favorite character in MCU, and I did not really have any opinion towards this movie except I respect it a lot  and.. yeah, that's it. Funny thing is, Iron Man 3 is one place above its preceder, sitting at #9. I know, i know, it's an unpopular opinion, but I did enjoy it so much despite my not-liking-ness of Tony Stark. I can see him as a normal (as much as he can) human where he was not immune to whatever shits life threw him at. Not to mention it directly tied in to the end of The Avengers where he was actually got PTSD from the event of that movie. Not that getting PTSD is good, but you know what I mean.

I would place this higher if I could, but I'm just going to put Captain America: The First Avenger in #6. I bet it is the highest rank this movie ever receive on any list lmao but for real though, the story is pretty generic and basic good guy deserves more and getting what-she-deserves.gif moment. However, I do think it was a great story about love, friendship and saving the world (lol). I love how good the chemistry the cast have without trying too hard. I mean, we can ship everybody (the main cast at least) in this whole movie with each other! So tl:dr, it's the best romantic/drama movie ever in MCU fight me. And please watch Marvel's Agent Carter and stream it everywhere it also #deservebetter.

Spiderman: Homecoming (#7) is a weird one. Originally not a part of MCU, but suddenly we got a cameo and a movie ALSO a sequel on works. Nevertheless, everybody loves Spiderman so nobody really complaining, I guess. Tom Holland is the perfect cast for Peter Parker, in my opinion, after the very first Spiderman movie. Love how teen-ish this movie actually is and how diverse the casts are. The third act was a little bit boring and overthrown by that car scene lmao. 

On number #6, Thor: Ragnarok is the best Marvel movies on 2017 and the best Thor movies EVER. Chris Hemsworth comedy timing is truly shining in this Taika Waititi's directed movie. Thw whole cast is great and the story is actually good and interesting. I just hope Hela is actualy, like, badass, not so much a comic-y villain who talks a lot and snarky as hell. Being the first of its kind in MCU (have no movie before and practically unknown) is a blessing in disguise for my #5 MCU movie, Guardian of the Galaxy. I don't think I remember much of this movie after all this years but I know this is gold, epic and ridiculously funny. The original Thor: Ragnarok and GOTG 2 can only wish. 

I honestly torn apart when I heard that the third installment of Captain America would not be about Cap & Sam: Up All Night to Get Bucky, instead being a Civil War (#4) story with an assemble cast much like The Avengers because of thirsty ass Robert Downey, Jr. wanted some of that cap ass money. All in all, the reasoning behind Zemo's plan is a bit over complicated and could have been okay without those Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice drama between Marvel and DCEU fans, but I disgress. Let just say it firm my believe of Bucky/Cap love story and the trailer alone is the best thing ever Marvel has put out. Oh and please check out this gem:

Black Panther, without any doubt, is my #3 on MCU movies rank. Arguably, it could even be put in the top spot because how beautiful and brilliant this movie is. I just saw it last week (my first ever experience watching it after moving town tbh) last week and it was FYAH. I love how political it actually was without really trying to make it across and despite running in a fictional country. It’s truly a masterpiece. The soundtrack by Kendrick Lamar is also fire, do check them out.

Whether you like it or not, whether this actually good or bad, we all can agree that Marvel's The Avengers is a historical movie within its own right in any terms you can think of. The first ever assembled movie and a ery successful one to mention one. The Avengers deserves everything for what it stands for: every comic book fans wet dream and some. So I put it as the runner up on my list.

Yes, people, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is my #1 ever MCU movies.  Yeah, yeah, it was my absolute fave, bias and so on, watched it 3 times at the cinema and countless time on my laptop and still managed to squeeze my heart tear it to pieces. Cap/bucky is totally in love nobody can tell me otherwise. I do love how game-changer it was for the whole MCU experience. When it was revealed that (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) S.H.I.E.L.D. is HYDRA all along, my freaking jaw was dropped to the freaking ground! And, and, when The Winter Soldier keeps on hitting Cap to death and he was like "I'm with you 'till the end of the line" I was dying. Yes, this one deserves all the love that we have and the best MCU movie EVER. Fight me.

Have I mention that Bucky and I share the same birthday? Oh? Of course not, silly, I would NOT put this first because of that!

Yeah. So that's it guys. What is your rank for these movie? Are you excited for Infinity War? Let me know and leave comment please!


2017 has been a wild year, and pretty much everything sucks for everybody in this earth. In terms of music, last year we have seen some very interesting rise up, experiment and a surprising come back from latin music community started by Despacito (even if I'm not very fond of it). Even though I know it was very late post here being a third month (!) in 2018, let's just say I still have something to say about some of crafts these people on this list have been put out.

Paramore - After Laughter

Source: Wikipedia

An unexpected comeback from my beloved trio. Despite the turn of music style, Paramore still managed to make this album theirs as much as their past albums had been before. After trying hard to prove that they are/were still a band in the grandiose Self-Titled album back then in 2013, it feels like Hayley and co. were much more in tune with who they are right now and it shows in the music it self.  A very relatable and underrated work of art in my opinion. 

Oh, and welcome back Zac!

Stand out: Told You So, Hard Times, Idle Worship, Pool, Rose-Colored Boy

JOME - Tunnels

My first encounter with JOME was trough 'Cinnamon,' which even after the album released still hold the #1 spot for their best song in my list. JOME whole vibe is everything you want to hear after a long, exhausting day or a nervous breakdown and an episode of depression. While most of the lyric tell us about heartbreak and what-not (at least from what I can make out), the vibe the album gave is very chill, breezy, soothing... like I said, everything you want to hear after a long, exhausting day.

Stand out: Cinnamon, Once Red, Hollow, Snow, Thread, Vapor


Source: Wikipedia

First of all, I couldn't express my self better than saying I'm very proud of this girl. Forget about her crazy-ass-but-very-dedicated fan base, this girl keep realizing her dream AND delivering at the same time.

Now that got out of the way, it was literally a surprise to see her releasing the myth of international debut album after four (!!!!) years of Coke Bottle had been released. 'X' is a urban/R&B/pop album that has many offering each tracks, you will not hear the same track over and over again. 'Long As I Get Paid is/was the perfect lead single to the album, and would have been the perfect introduction to the international market. The visual is very beautiful and the song is edgy yet catchy enough - which is what Coke Bottle lacked of - without trying too hard and managed to be a fun song.

This is a very promising album and could be the catapult Agnez need to put her out there, IF she and her management start actually promoting themselves rather than let her fan do all the work. Basically stop being a mess, management!

Stand out: Long as I Get Paid, Damn I Love You, Wanna Be Loved, Karma, Sorry

Lorde - Melodrama
Source: Wikipedia

I have never be a true fan of Lorde's music, yet when 'Green Light' first unveiled, I voluntarily gave my fan card for her. What I always looking for in an album is not only a group of good, catchy songs but a story, a thematic delivering that I will be engross and blown away at the end, much like a book or a movie - and boy did she delivered. We can clearly tell what is/was Lorde tried to tell within this album. I don't really fond of 'Liability' at first, but when I heard the full album, considered me sold.

The fact that this record lost to Bruno Mars in Grammys Award is something I still couldn't fathom. The most favorable rating for an album in 2017 and got paid dust???? Unbelievable.

Stand out: Green Light, The Louvre, Supercut, Liability.

Fifth Harmony - Fifth harmony

I never thought I will like Fifth Harmony this much. But I did.

When the members said they will make a great album, they really delivered. I would say this album should have been appreciated more since we can see their growth as artists and they clearly know what their sound should have sounded like. I don't even care what you say about them and how much they flop and that one girl got lucky getting away before their fall etc., 'He Like That' is that BOP. It's a shame they decided to put 'Down' as it lead single. 

A truly underappreciated release. They deserve better etc. etc.

Stand out: He Like That, Don't Say You Love Me, Angel


Honorable mention:

Superfruit - Future Friends

A solid pop album full of certified bops.

Kesha - Rainbow

Despite the empowering ballad 'Praying' as the lead single, this album surprisingly still gave us the 'party hard' Kesha but in rock n' roll style.

Wild Cub - Closer

Delving more into rock/alternative sound, this album still capture the dramatically fun song like 'Thunder Clatter'.

Andrew Belle - Dive Deep

HURTS - Desire

Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life

Ps: I am sooo excited for what 2018 have in store next!

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It's been AGES since I've posted anything worthwhile in this page, and there is nobody else but me to blame for that. Most of the reasons are personal, such as the lack of interest, lack of skill and lack of time.

I lost my interest/passion on writing anything long mainly because a technology called social media. Why do I have to write a long ass post about something I can easily post under 140 characters? Then to make the matter worse, even thought I did aspire to be a writer back then, I lacked a lot of skill in writing development and has a patience of a child. Therefore, it's impossible for me to write something in one sitting lmao not to mention my original intention was to post everything in english to improved my english skill. Funny how I forgot that when I consider to have audiences. Oh, and college happened.

But no need to worry!

I plan to do a complete overhaul on this blog and its content, first with changing the about section. I'm just going to put it here since I know nobody's going to check that shit out:

Play the book is intended to be a place to put my jumbling mess of thoughts about pop culture in general especially about book (that I have read, or plan to), music (that I enjoy, or I hate so much I want to talk about it), movie (that I care enough to discuss, or remember the detail later on to review) and any trends or what's goody goods that happening in our entertainment world, for my own amusement!

I hope I can put my anxiety and doubt and all of those procrastination at bay.

Wish me luck and stay tuned!

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The Casual Vacancy

Ketika Barry Fairbrother meninggal di usianya yang baru awal empat puluhan, penduduk Kota Pagford sangat terkejut.
Dari luar, Pagford terlihat seperti kota kecil yang damai khas Inggris, dengan Alun-Alun, jalanan berbatu, dan biara kuno. Tetapi, di balik wajah nan indah itu, tersembunyi perang yang berkecamuk. 
Si kaya melawan si miskin, remaja melawan orangtua, istri melawan suami, guru melawan murid … Pagford tak seindah yang terlihat dari luar. 
Dan kursi kosong yang ditinggalkan Barry di jajaran Dewan Kota menjadi pemicu perang terdahsyat yang pernah terjadi di kota kecil itu. Siapakah yang akan menang dalam pemilihan anggota dewan yang dikotori oleh nafsu, penipuan, dan pengungkapan rahasia-rahasia tak terduga ini?  
Sebuah novel besar tentang sebuah kota kecil,
The Casual Vacancy adalah novel pertama J.K. Rowling untuk pembaca dewasa. Karya seorang pendongeng yang tiada duanya. 
“Melalui The Casual Vacancy, Rowling mampu menangkap sisi kemanusiaan pada setiap orang, bahkan saat sisi kemanusiaan itu terasa menyedihkan.” —People Magazine 
“The Casual Vacancy adalah komedi, namun dari jenis yang paling hitam .... Rowling membuktikan kepiawaiannya, bahwa dia tidak menjadi penulis bestseller secara kebetulan. Dia tahu benar bagaimana membuat Anda terus membaca hingga halaman terakhir.” —The Daily Beast 
“The Casual Vacancy menyeret pembacanya ke dalam dunia yang dengan begitu kaya diciptakan dalam imajinasi Rowling .... Cerdas dan, ada kalanya lucu.” —The Guardian (UK) 
“Rowling tahu bagaimana menulis dengan plot yang tak biasa namun tetap menghanyutkan .... benar-benar penulis yang piawai.” —The Huffington Post

Bertempat di Padford, sebuah kota kecil dipinggiran England dan bukan tempat nyata. Akibat kematian mendadak Barry Fairbrother, kota kecil ini terguncang...

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PTB's 10 PICK OF 2012!

2012 jadi tahun yang sangat mengasyikan buat saya pribadi karna bisa menyelesaikan banyak sekali buku bahkan dalam kurun waktu yang sedikit, tahun dimana koleksi yang dari sekian bisa menggunung dan mengebalikan rasa cinta saya buat buku yang sempat menghilang selama beberapa tahun.

Jadi, walaupun (sangat) telat, Saya mau share 10 buku favorit Saya di tahun ini! sebenernya masih banyak dan udah cukup sulit buat ngepasin jadi 10.... so, ini listnya!


Book Cover

Konsekuensi pilihan yang diambilnya membuat Tris terjebak dalam  faksi pengkhianat yang membunuh keluarganya. Kini, Tris harus mencoba menyelamatkan orang-orang yang disayanginya, juga dirinya sendiri, sementara benaknya dikacaukan oleh berbagai pertanyaan tentang kesetiaan, identitas, dan pengampunan.
 Ketika ancaman perang dan perpecahan faksi semakin mengancam, Tris harus memutuskan, tetap pada identitasnya sebagai Dauntless atau memunculkan dirinya yang sejati. Sebagai Divergent. Sebuah identitas yang dianggap berbahaya dan dihindari semua faksi.
 Lanjutan seri Divergent yang menjadi Best Fantasy Book di Goodreads Choice Award ini tak mengecewakan pembaca. Seru, menegangkan, namun juga dibumbui dengan kisah cinta, patah hati, dan filosofi menggugah tentang manusia dan kehidupan.

Insurgent mulai tepat saat dimana Devergent tinggalkan-Tris, Four (atau kita harus panggil Tobias mulai saat ini) dan kawan-kawannya mencari perlindungan dan penyembuhan ke faksi Amity....
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